God is Faithful in China

While touring China, we were able to visit a large church in the area we were staying. This church has numerous services each weekend. We attended a 9:00 am service which was the second service of the day! On our way … Continued

Trusting God to effectively provide Bibles

There are many stories circulating regarding trade issues as well as situations where individuals and/or ministries have had to leave China. In some circumstances training materials and Bibles (printed on presses that are not approved) that had previously been provided … Continued

God is at Work in China

During a recent visit to China our hearts were moved when we witnessed a large number of the congregation gathered at the entrance of the church praying after the service. They had just received Bibles and gathered for a prayer … Continued

God is Faithful!

Several years ago I celebrated my 72nd birthday in China. Along with many others, I believed that it was almost impossible to distribute Bibles to the Christians there. Many of the churches would post scripture portions for the believers to … Continued

Humbled by a Servant Heart

My Bibles for China mission trip fulfilled more than expectations could have imagined. Even though you may bring a long history of mission activity, God’s Spirit and joy will occupy any unfilled vessel as long as you are open and … Continued

The Overwhelming Need

Establishing relationships in China is essential. As we become acquainted with the pastors and leaders, we recognize more and more the need for Bibles. As people come to Christ they are able to mentor these new Christians with a new … Continued

Easter in China!

Last year our team celebrated Easter with our China family. The experience of that weekend is etched into our hearts as one of the greatest Easters we have ever experienced. Their zeal and enthusiasm is contagious and each time we … Continued

Joy in the midst of adversity

When we are in China we are amazed at the amount of construction taking place in the area of transportation. There are electric bullet trains that run through rural areas at 180 miles per hour.  As a result of this … Continued