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More Doors Opening!

We have been blessed to be a part of the revival that is happening throughout rural China. God has opened more doors for us this year as our Bible distribution teams are on track to have almost three times the … Continued

Story of John pic (cropped)

Reaching the Unbelievers

The Bibles for China teams have discovered an additional need to the Story of Jesus booklet given to the children. The rural pastors and church leaders were in need of a tool that would help them reach the unbelievers in … Continued

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Millions of Chinese Christians hunger and thirst for the Word of God. It is legal for Chinese Christians to own a Bible. The only barriers are limited resources and remote location.

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Learn about Bibles for China and why the need for Bibles is so great.

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China is on the move, she wants to be part of the modern world and the Church of Christ is on the move too — and wants to be part of the universal church too. We should partner with them.

Stuart Briscoe author, speaker, broadcaster