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Chinese Christians with Bibles

Chinese believers find joy through God’s Word — MNN Article

Bibles for China understands the importance of relationships. In fact, they are a key part of its ministry.

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The Impact a Bible can Make

Earlier this year I went to China with a Bible Distribution Team and we distributed almost 6,000 Bibles. I was able to witness the deep need and love for God’s Word during my visit with Bibles for China.

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Millions of Chinese Christians hunger and thirst for the Word of God. It is legal for Chinese Christians to own a Bible. The only barriers are limited resources and remote location.

You can help meet this need.

Learn about Bibles for China and why the need for Bibles is so great.

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China is on the move, she wants to be part of the modern world and the Church of Christ is on the move too — and wants to be part of the universal church too. We should partner with them.

Stuart Briscoe author, speaker, broadcaster