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Deep in the heart of China, at one of our Bible Distribution Events in a small church, we met a local volunteer leader who told us this story about his family. He was the 2nd to youngest of 9 siblings and … Continued

God is at work in China

During a recent visit to China our hearts were moved when we witnessed a large number of the congregation gathered at the entrance of the church praying after the service. They had just received Bibles and gathered for a prayer … Continued

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Millions of Chinese Christians hunger and thirst for the Word of God. It is legal for Chinese Christians to own a Bible. The only barriers are limited resources and remote location.

You can help meet this need.

Learn about Bibles for China and why the need for Bibles is so great.

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China is on the move, she wants to be part of the modern world and the Church of Christ is on the move too — and wants to be part of the universal church too. We should partner with them.

Stuart Briscoe author, speaker, broadcaster