The Overwhelming Need

canopy-harbinEstablishing relationships in China is essential. As we become acquainted with the pastors and leaders, we recognize more and more the need for Bibles. As people come to Christ they are able to mentor these new Christians with a new Bible that is their own. Last year we gave Bibles to a large number of Christians in a church sanctuary where more than 300 were in attendance. We rejoiced with them as they eagerly embraced their new treasure with tears of joy or bright smiles and looks of gratefulness. After everyone had received their Bible, we assumed that we were finished, then realized that there was a large overflow area where people had been watching on a big screen and they too needed a Bible. As we came into the room their faces were eager as they anticipated our arrival. Again we rejoiced with them as they received their own Bible. As we went out the door leaving the church there was another large number of believers outside under a canopy anxiously waiting.  We can vouch for the great need in this area where we will again be serving.  We have received confirmation that the Bibles are on site for our upcoming visit to this same area and together we have been preparing and praying for an abundance of His presence and rejoicing as we arrive. Our mandate is: “A passion for Bibles. A heart for China.”  Our prayer is that our passion and vision is never compromised as we share the stories and opportunities He gives us as we plan and pray for the future.