Trusting God to effectively provide Bibles

There are many stories circulating regarding trade issues as well as situations where individuals and/or ministries have had to leave China. In some circumstances training materials and Bibles (printed on presses that are not approved) that had previously been provided were banned or destroyed.

We are in the process of developing ways to be more strategic and productive in the way we provide Bibles to the areas where it’s impossible to have one without intentionally finding ways to grant this opportunity for them. Bibles for China has always found ways to provide Bibles for China that are printed legally in China for churches that are approved by the government. This allows the Bibles given to be left in the community to reach families and churches for Christ.

There are no Bibles in rural China that are available for purchase except in the registered churches. The Lord has given favor to Bibles for China by placing significant individuals and organizations in our pathway who have provided open doors for us that could not be possible without providential direction and provision. We are amazed at the connections God has given which provide the assurance that Bibles for China is His ministry and we are humbled and grateful for His trust.

Organizations we work with all agree that when changes like we are experiencing occur, it’s necessary for us to step back as foreigners. We must give support and opportunity for the Chinese people we work with to carry out more of the responsibilities of seeing that the Bibles are placed into the churches in areas where needed. We are confident that the time we took to be in the country to listen to them has given us a great base to continue developing the opportunity for us to release funds that will reach more with the Bible.

Please pray for us that we will make wise decisions that will continue to open doors making it possible to reach China with God’s Word.