Serving in the midst of what some would consider adversity – not this young enthusiastic pastor!

Scooters picNo matter how many trips I make to visit the churches in China, I am constantly amazed at the dedication and sacrifice of the pastors there. On a recent visit our team had the privilege of meeting a young pastor who had graduated from seminary and was serving a small church. He and his young son were waiting on a motor scooter by the roadside for our van in order to guide our driver to the hotel where we would be spending the next three nights as we distributed Bibles. We all were wondering where his wife was but on Saturday morning she was with him on the motor scooter with the little boy between them. The three of them accompanied us from church to church as we were distributing Bibles. We learned that his wife had been working in a large city, two hours away from their home and the church they serve together. She comes home on Saturdays and Sundays to care for their son and assist with planting a church. What a blessing to have the opportunity to work with these servant-hearted, loving, and dedicated leaders in China who are willing to make such sacrifices because of their love for the Lord and His Word.