Our Purpose

Bibles for China exists to provide God’s Word to Christians living in rural China.

God is doing an incredible work in China, and there is a real and growing need to provide Bibles to local believers.

Romans 10:17 reminds us that faith comes from hearing the word of Christ, and to that end we are committed to supporting the Chinese church by providing Bibles for the glory of his name and the growing of their faith.

God’s People

The Chinese church is comprised of a robust Christian core group that is capable of being a self-supporting, self-governed, and self-propagating church body. However, in many cases access to the Bible is restricted to reading hand-copied portions of scripture, reviewing memorized passages, or sharing a village’s tattered text.

Therefore, we strive to widen the work of the local Chinese church by providing Bibles without cost to local believers.

While previous generations were prevented from openly distributing Bibles to the Chinese people, today the opportunity exists for Chinese Christians to freely disseminate the Word of God, the spiritual resources that they need to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and to bring new people into the family of God.

A Collaborative Process

Bibles for China funds Bibles printed at Amity Printing Press which is the world’s largest Bible printing location.

This operation is funded by partners from 45 countries and 49 states who provide the financial resources for purchasing Bibles written in Mandarin, the reading language in China. The Bibles are printed in China and in partnership with the Chinese Christian Counsel, we provide Bibes to local Christian brothers and sisters who distribute them to believers throughout rural China.

Bibles for China has helped provide Bibles for local distribution throughout rural China since 2011.

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