What a team…We’ll never forget

After working many years for non-profit organizations, I have seen countless needs in numerous  countries and thankfully, many of those needs were met. In the almost 8 years that I have been with Bibles for China I have been blessed to see the most important need met many times! My husband, who is on the board of Bibles for China, and I have been privileged to see thousands of Chinese Christians receive the Word of God–a Bible–which to me is the most  essential need! It has been almost 2 years since I have been able to be in China for a Bible celebration but I can still see the beaming faces of those who have received a Bible! I miss seeing my Chinese brothers and sisters and I may never see any of them again but what joy I have knowing that so many have a Bible through the donations of so many of you who have given to Bibles for China. One of the many roles I play is bookkeeper. It is so exciting to see the funds come in,  the funds wired to China  and then the people receiving their Bibles!

John 8:12 says, Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” I have personally seen the light on the faces of these precious Chinese Christians. It will not be quenched by any scheme of satan. In fact,  the more they are pressed the stronger their faith! Funds are still being wired, Bibles are still being printed and  are being distributed on a limited basis. As soon as the churches open again there will be more widespread distributions.

We all continue to work at home as we always have. We have no brick and mortar building so we can conserve funds for Bibles. We continue to pray that the doors will open again for us to personally see the Bibles given to the Chinese Christians. Will you join us in praying for the donations to continue and the doors to open again soon? Please pray also for our brothers and sisters in China during these difficult times. We appreciate all your donations and prayers.

God’s blessings!

P.S. Renee has been a tremendous gift from God for our organization. The persons the Lord has put together to serve with our Chinese team, partners and colleagues have given us a confidential trust in our Heavenly Father to share His plans and purpose with our mandate “A passion for Bibles – A heart for China.” We cannot at this point assume our opportunity or purpose is impossible or not needed. In fact this may be the best time for us to pray and support the funding of Bibles and scripture portions in any way possible while there are still ways to transfer funds for our projects through the open doors we presently are able to work through. We cannot assume anything but we always need to be attentive and responsive to the Lord in following His directives to get scripture to our Chinese brothers and sisters.