The Emotions of China

Although at the present time we no longer travel to China, the memories linger in our hearts and minds.  Wendell is in the process of turning Bibles for China over to our son Kurt and the wonderful staff that we have here and in China.  He turned 83 in March and will still be involved in many ways. Following is a description of the emotions that we experienced when we were able to visit mainland China. 
“Overwhelming” is the word that describes the sights and emotions you have when you visit China–the long and colorful history, the large and crowded cities, the cultural traditions carried on for centuries, the thousands of towering apartment buildings under construction, the stark contrast between the rich and the poor, the random traffic patterns weaving in and out involving twenty-four car transport trucks, other huge trucks and buses, cars of all sizes, various two and three wheeled vehicles often carrying a family plus much foot traffic. 

But as you step into a Chinese church or meet a Chinese brother or sister, the word “fellowship” becomes predominant. The kindred spirit with these precious Christians is evident. As you listen to them sing praises to God and respond with a hearty “AMEN” (with enthusiasm) as their pastor speaks, there is no need for an interpreter to tell you of their love and dedication to their Savior.  
The dedication and hard work of the leadership team gives “confidence” that God’s work in China is in good hands. They have a tremendous task as they feel the urgency to quickly train preachers and pastors for the rapidly growing number of churches and preaching points in their area. Pray for them! 
“Indescribable” is the word that expresses the joy you feel as you hand out Bibles to these precious Christians. Their faces and gestures express the thanks that their words cannot. The majority of them have never had a Bible of their own but if they do, they often will share it with someone who does not have one and their faces glow with excitement.  
“Unforgettable” describes the experience of spending time halfway around the world in response to God’s call. It forever changes you and to have had the unique and once in a lifetime experience is priceless!