“We are not forgotten!”

Mountain Church for Renee

In rural Southwest China, our van, navigating winding curves, overlooking spectacular views, drove to the top of a mountain.  A beautiful church was at the top. The ladies of the church served us lunch, bowl after bowl of delicious home cooking. At the service the pastor speaking to us through our translator told us, “Missionaries brought the gospel to this mountain 100 years ago. We had wondered if God had forgotten us. But God didn’t forget us because He sent you to us, and you have brought us a valuable gift!”

How precious it was to me to be a part of an answer to prayer. What a privilege it was to bring God’s Holy Word to these people who thought God had forgotten them. It was humbling to shake their hands and receive their thanks and gratitude for the Bibles brought to them. What a joy it was to be part of God’s work at that church on top of the mountain.

To experience the love and fellowship of Christ in a country across the world, to give them the treasure of a Bible, a gift they so desperately need and want, has been an indescribable joy to me.