Time in China: Challenges-Prayers and Funds Needed

Recently, while meeting with pastors in China it became quite evident to us that the suppression of Christianity there has intensified. As we visited with these brothers there was no doubt in our mind that their passion and desire for the Bible was real. It was a great encouragement to us when we considered the great measures they went to in order to visit with us and urge us to continue supplying Bibles for them. 

 Although it is their desire to remind their communities of their stand for Christ by placing the cross and other Christian symbols on the exterior of their churches, they have been asked to remove them. They rejoice that Amity Press is still printing Bibles and it is legal to hand them out in their churches. They have a deep desire to receive as many as possible while the printing press is still printing Bibles and they strongly believe that God’s Word embedded in the hearts of their people will spread the gospel in their communities.