The Church in China Reaches Out in Love

Having the joy of being in the provinces has given us opportunities to see the fervent and open hearts of the people in the churches. We have had quality time to observe the love, compassion and support they have for each other, especially to those who have any special needs.

While there recently we noticed a young man in a wheelchair. After the service we noticed that people from the congregation were giving him loving encouragement and handing him money. Our translator went over to him and tried to visit with him. He was difficult to understand so a local member of the church told her his story.

The young man had been handicapped since birth. His father also had physical problems so the mother had been mostly responsible for his care. They lived a long way from the church but she would push him in a wheelchair to church every Sunday. When he was 13 he became a Christian and now at the age of 23, he is still a faithful follower of Christ.

At some point the congregation noticed that he and his mother had not been attending the services. When they found out that his mother was no longer able to push or maneuver the wheelchair, they began gathering the funds to purchase him a motorized wheelchair so they could again attend the services. Although most of the people barely had enough money to meet their own physical needs, they sacrificed in order to provide the spiritual food that is needed for the young man and his mother. May God richly bless these people who are willing to reach out to those in need.