The Precious Commodity of God’s Word


Always a precious moment when a believer receives a Bible.

 A BFC team member recently shared these thoughts with us:

As our Bibles for China team approached a church in a small rural village in a poor farming area, we could hear them singing. It was packed with people who had been waiting a long time to receive a Bible. With the assistance of some leaders from the church, each member of our team went to a different area of the church to observe the giving out of Bibles. I left the back of the church and entered the courtyard area where Bibles were given to those who could not get into the building. One woman reached out in a very awkward way for a Bible. One look told me why – her eyes were glazed completely over and it was obvious she was blind. Now the dilemma, with the size of the crowd and the limited number of Bibles, should a blind lady a Bible and run the risk that a sighted person would be left out. Everyone’s eyes seemed to be begging for the precious gift of God’s Word.

God had His angels watching over this woman as her friend got the attention of our interpreter and told her she had promised this woman she would read her Bible to her each day. The tears rolled from her blind eyes as a Bible was placed into her outstretched hands. Her friend was so grateful to see that this woman would receive a Bible, a very rare and precious commodity, that she grabbed my arm and would not let go. Everyone in the courtyard saw what happened and even though the Chinese are very stoic people, when I hugged both ladies virtually everyone in the courtyard (myself included) shed tears.”