Prayers in China


From a BFC team member


Having been to rural China several times with Bibles for China Bible distribution teams, I am always amazed when I witness the Chinese believers pray. In one province the Chinese leader that accompanied our team would ask the believers to pray before we passed out the Bibles. The people would stand and almost everyone would pray private prayers, out loud, in very soft tones. The prayer time would often last for 20 minutes or more and as the people prayed, many, many of them would quietly weep. The floors in these rural churches are either dirt or poured concrete and the tears of the believers formed pools of liquid at their feet. I was humbled to be with them and could sense God’s Spirit fill the place. Is it any wonder there is a revival taking place all across China? Generally it would be totally inappropriate to take photos while the people are praying, as it is just too much of a private moment for camera noise, but this year after we handed out the Bibles one young lady just could not leave the church without thanking God. I did get a photo of this young lady and it is one of my most loved photos of my time on a Bible distribution team.