Our partners are family. Thank you.

There is a hymn that many of us who are followers of Christ love to sing and embrace. Its message has always been a source of comfort and encouragement in the midst of times we have waited on God to give guidance for our days of questioning and concern. Its words: “Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father, There is no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not, as Thou hast been Thou forever will be.”

Lord, never let us be guilty of the sin of ungratefulness. Over the years, Bibles for China has benefited from the many faithful and generous prayer and funding partners. We never want to take you, our supportive heroes, for granted. As your leadership team, we’re committed to giving you as much information as possible so you will know that you’re adding value to what the Lord has passioned us to accomplish for the sake of the Christians in China. The people we serve in China are sweet and loving and a joy to be with. At present the CCP is endeavoring to take away the freedoms of their people to be able to think on their own and replacing their freedoms with what the CCP dictates them the liberty to do. With the Lord’s help we are committed to do whatever is possible to see that the Chinese people have a way to receive a Bible.

Following is a snippet of what we get to experience as leaders of Bibles for China to provide you encouragement and confidence. One of our generous and faithful partners did a google search for a way to support the funding of Bibles and in December of 2012 they began and have continued to be wonderful and affirming Bibles for China family partners. Just last week we were able to meet with them as Bibles for China family members on Zoom to share together. Another couple who have supported us faithfully since July of 2012 sent us an email stating “Over the years we have contributed to a number of different Christian organizations who are doing a great job around the world but we’ve never been informed as to what our contributions have accomplished like this one. How exciting to know that 1,346 rural Chinese Christians now have a Bible because we followed God’s leading and gave money over the years. What an encouragement and we thank Bibles for China for keeping track and letting us know.” Another faithful contributor that joined us in February of 2012 called us following a recent post we shared to let us know how blessed he is to be involved with making a difference in China with Bibles for China. In June of 2013 a retired Marine Major joined our faithful supportive partner family in carrying out the mandate the Lord has placed within all of us. Those in China who have received a Bible have shared with us often how much they appreciate the faithfulness of our prayer and supportive partners.

We continue to seek ways to involve others who are open to join us. We have a deep sense of humility and appreciation for each of you who continue to faithfully support the funding of Bibles in China. What we have shared here is a smattering of the many of you who are so faithful. God’s making a way where there seems no way through the doors of opportunity He is providing.

Our intention in sharing stories and passion of what we do revolves around our deep love and passion for the Bible. Let us find ways to be intentionally involved and caring prayer partners with each other as a family that is committed to do what is necessary and prudent in providing funds for Bibles in China.

As an organization we cannot forecast what the future holds. However, since the Lord opened the opportunities we’ve had to serve in China since 2010 it’s become evident to us that His future for us is to continually be willing to show up where He’s making a way. It is our intention to carry out the great commission by providing funds for the gift of a free Bible to as many as possible as the Lord leads and resources us. We need each of you to join us in prayer and support as we work through the issues within our global confusion. In the midst of these times is when God gives each of us opportunities to let our lights shine in the darkness.