Looking forward to seeing all the Lord will be doing in 2021

Over the years we’ve enjoyed many unbelievable opportunities that have little or no explanation except to say that what took place at a critical point made an eternal difference. The following story was a God opportunity that was obviously in the timing and plan of God. Renee’s entrance into our organization was something providential that was provided quietly by the Lord. In His timing, He opened the doors that were in place for Renee Kellert to become one of the best fits for Bibles for China’s leadership team. Read her interesting story of how the Lord works and be encouraged with us in knowing that God has His plans and purposes for Bibles for China.

“Who knew that when I started working for a different mission organization almost 17 years ago that the Lord was preparing me for the skills I would need to help build Bibles for China! It was there that I first met Wendell as we partnered with Bibles for China on a newsletter to help get the organization’s name out to as many as he could.

I also learned how to plan international mission trips, help people get passports and visas, and was able to travel to places I never dreamed I would go! But the Lord knew what I needed to know, so when I started with Bibles for China, I had many of the skills they needed to go forward with the ministry’s mission needs in order to accomplish what was needed.

It has been such a blessing to see Bibles for China grow and see the Bibles actually given to the Chinese Christians in mainland China!
I love how the Lord uses each situation in your life to prepare you for the next step. The team at Bibles for China has come to the organization with unique skills that were needed to go forward. Even though 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, we were able to still get many Bibles into the hands of the Chinese believers.

I am thankful every day for the Lord giving me the opportunity to serve Him with Bibles for China! It has been quite the privilege and I look forward to seeing all the Lord will be doing in 2021!”


Wendell Rovenstine
Founder of Bibles for China