Lives Changed. Believers Encouraged. Church Strengthened.

The emotions and gratitude of Chinese believers when receiving a Bible are overwhelming.

The following story was recently shared with us by a Bibles for China Team Member:

“Each day we observed as thousands of believers received Bibles in rural China. Sometimes it is refreshing when we are able to slow down and get to know the believers in the churches we were visiting. Such was the case at an outdoor church we visited. So many of the believers smiled and graciously thanked us as they received their Bible. As one man reached out for his Bible he openly wept. I really wanted to know the story he had to tell.

Through his tears he explained, “For three years I have been asking the Lord, if there was any possible way to receive my very own Bible, I would be so happy.” This was his day. As he told the rest of his story my eyes also filled with tears of joy. This was a holy moment, only made possible by divine planning.

We sat down together and I showed him the 23rd Psalm. I quoted it in English, and then he started reading it, then singing it for me in Chinese. When he reached verse 6, “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever,” he sang it over and over. I turned to Psalm 145 and with hand signals showed him that was my favorite Bible passage. As he read it he was overcome with emotion, by the time he reached the end of the chapter the Holy Spirit once again touched both our hearts and the tears flowed.

God gave me a wonderful assignment – to serve on a Bibles for China team and witness the receiving of Bibles by waiting, praying, believers in China. Lives are changed, believers are encouraged and the church is strengthened. I pray that Bibles for China will deliver Bibles again and again so that China becomes a shining light and a nation that gives all glory to God!”