How could we not duplicate “A Day of Encouragement”

Day of encouragement picEveryone needs encouragement occasionally. On one of our trips last year, after we had distributed 10,000 Bibles, we had the opportunity to offer a “Day of Encouragement”.  We spent a day with leaders who are helping build the faith of those serving Christ in their Chinese communities.  We provided each person with a Leadership Bible that a board member’s church had funded so that each of the attendees could sense the accomplishment of completing a day of instruction and encouragement. The success of this day gave us the affirmation from the Lord that we should include a similar day during our upcoming trips. We are confident this day will be beneficial to our Chinese brothers & sisters as well as helping our ministry develop relationships which are necessary for us to stay attuned to the great needs for Bibles in the rural areas.  Along with a Leadership Bible, the attendees will receive Scripture portions that they can use in ministering to those in their area who have no knowledge of God and His love that was expressed in the sending of his son Jesus Christ for their eternal salvation.  What a joy it is to see the excitement as well as the tenderness of the hearts of these leaders as they prepare themselves for the whitened harvest fields that exist in China!