Christian Friendship and a Miracle of God

Woman with dark hair

A cherished account of a miracle, written by a team member who travelled with us to distribute Bibles:

Going to China on a Bibles for China distribution team really stretched me and opened my eyes to how God works to meet the needs of different people. Miracles still happen in China and God uses them to grow the church. In one remote church I met a woman who, 35 years ago, had lost all her hair. This was in the midst of the Cultural Revolution (1976-1986) and living in rural China with virtually no medical care this woman was doomed to living as an outcast and others were even afraid to be with her in case she had a disease.

The one Christian living in her area befriended her and told her that he served a God of miracles and told her the story of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. She gave her life to Christ and prayed for healing. God did heal her and today at age 72 her hair is thick and full and darker than most 20 year olds. She gave God all the credit for her healing and because of her testimony many others have given their life to Christ.