The Love of God

My wife wrote me a letter to read on my mission trip to China. She said, “I pray you face each day EXPECTING to see awesome things and the hand of God moving in mighty ways. I pray your eyes will be open and you will be aware of all that is around you.” She went on to say, “I know this will be a life changing experience!!! God’s not finished with you yet.”

She was right. The trip to China was an awesome life changing experience for me. God has changed my life in many ways. Some of those ways are visible now and there will be more changes as The Holy Spirit works in me. After going to China and seeing how the people who received Bibles responded to their first Bible, I have a deeper appreciation of how important it is to get into The Word of God every day. It has the answers for my life, both present and future!

The Chinese Christians we had contact with were very gracious and loving people who made our team feel so loved and welcomed. You could see the love of God on each of their faces. They went out of their way to show us hospitality and made us feel at home and special. As each person received a Bible, be they young or old, their eyes lit up and they each had a thankful heart and a look of deep appreciation in their smiles. You could tell they were genuinely excited about receiving the Word of God!

My experience in China has shown me that the material things I have are not the lasting things in life. The things that are lasting are the Spiritual gifts that press me into God. I was blessed indeed by my trip to China. It has changed my perspective on many things. My life will not be the same because of the things God allowed me to experience. I came back ready to see God move in great and awesome ways. He has been delivering. I thank God for the powerful encounters He allowed me to be a part of in China.