Delivering Bibles and Witnessing Amazing Prayer


An Amazing Prayer

Prayer in a Rural Chinese Church
Chinese Christians pray together on the occasion of receiving Bibles.

The following story touched a team member on the value of prayer to Chinese Christians:

“Having been to rural China a few times on Bibles for China Bible observation teams, I am always amazed when I witness the Chinese believers pray. This year in a province I had not been to before, the Chinese pastor that accompanied our team always asked the believers to pray before the Bibles were passed out to the believers who were present. He asked the people to seek forgiveness for their sins and to thank God for providing Bibles so they could learn more about Jesus. The people all stood and prayed out loud, in very soft tones. The prayer time would often last for 20 minutes or more and as the people prayed, many, many of them would quietly weep. The floors in these rural churches are either dirt or in the nicer churches poured concrete and the tears of the believers formed pools of liquid at their feet. I was humbled to be with them and could sense God’s Spirit fill the place. Is it any wonder there is a revival taking place all across China!”

Thank you!

We thank you on behalf of the thousands of rural Chinese Christians that have received a Bible because of your prayers and donations. Please pray for the upcoming team as preparations are made for them to verify the distribution of more Bibles. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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