Church Organizes 5K Run Bibles for China Fund Raiser

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Those who have a passion for Bibles for China find ways to make a difference for those who cannot afford a Bible of their own and where the Bibles are not available. God placed on the hearts of the churches of a small community in Kansas the desire to secure funds to help meet the great need that exists for His Word in China. This rural area is heavily involved in the production of wheat and other grains, dairies, and feedlots whose products are shipped throughout the world.  Perhaps that was what prompted their vision to become involved in supporting a commodity with eternal value to those who are in need of Bibles across the ocean. They realized that the destination of a person’s soul is dependent on the God’s Word and they are joyfully giving their support to its distribution. They certainly have a heart for China!  Sponsors helped with the expenses and local running coaches helped organize the event. We were privileged to be with the runners as they lined up on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to thank them and pray for those involved and then shared in one of the area churches on Sunday. They are talking about making this an annual event for their community. What a difference they make.