Bringing Bibles, Touching Lives, and Empowering Revivals in Rural China

From a Bibles for China team member:

We have learned to accept what the Lord has provided on each of our Bible distribution trips. No trips have been exactly the same. Going is always with great expectations for the Lord to do a great work. But we realize when we go, what we thought would happen quite often is nothing like we expected. I am random enough in my nature to enjoy watching the Holy Spirit work things out the way he has planned. We prayed with one young lady who said she was ready to receive Christ. We cared for an elderly woman sitting by the side of the road, hunched over and bleeding, after apparently having been hit by a car. We were surprised that nobody had taken time to stop and assist her. The police showed up and seemed to act like they did not know what to do. The police finally told our interpreter that they had called an ambulance, so we hurried to our next church. This changed our schedule some, but we felt it was orchestrated by God.

We visited an area where a large percentage of the people love and serve the Lord. The church leaders accompanied us and gave us an overview of their community. The pastor shared that there was a great revival taking place in their area, and he attributed it to prayer and God’s Word. We knew that when we provide Bibles, we were providing a tool that will accomplish eternal change.

We had an opportunity to meet a pastor who was 86 years old. He told us he still rides his motorbike to church. He had been faithful to the call of God, and I was blessed to know that at his age he still is taking his responsibility to serve God as a mandate. I have no doubt he knows what to do with the Bibles he received. He had been waiting a long time for someone to bring Bibles to his church. I wanted to spend some time to hear about the many stories he could have shared from his years of serving the Lord. Time did not permit me to do so. With over 300 churches in this area, and a population of 8,000,000 people, I am convinced Bibles will need to be purchased and given to these rural Christians for a long time.