Born with a Heart to Serve and Make a Difference

A Passion for Bibles. It’s a simple statement that guides us along the path of ministry to which God has called us in China. Having visited in China a number of times for various reasons, I can bear witness that the enormity of the needs can be overwhelming. We cannot meet every need. We can, however, participate in meeting the basic need of every believer having access to the Word of God, the Bible. We can participate with the assurance that the light of His Word is penetrating the darkness and lives are being changed. We can participate, knowing the good news is continuing to be shared and God is at work, no matter the obstacles.

 A Heart for China. It’s another simple statement, that is revelatory of where God has called us. My wife and I first travelled to China in 2006, on an adoption journey. We were so unsure of what we might find there…a little frightened, honestly, not expecting to fall deeply in love with the people there. The relationships that God has given us the opportunity to establish and nurture has had a profound impact on who we are. From orphan caregivers to shopkeepers to Christian leaders, we have found an extended family with whom we have laughed, wept and prayed.  

 That family is challenged, today. Leadership and policy changes have brought an added burden to our brothers and sisters. They persevere, however, and continue to faithfully declare the hope that only comes through Jesus. It is our joy to encourage and lift them up, providing the Bibles they need to continue the work to which God has called them. That is why we, in partnership with Bibles for China, continue to pray, give and go. We have a Passion for Bibles and a Heart for China.