Blessings for the Elderly

During our recent visit in China our people were able to visit a nursing home. We were all a bit surprised and pleased at how nice it was! The entire place was very clean and kept up very nicely. There were beautiful flowers planted outside with a very nice fountain in the garden area where residents can sit and enjoy the nice day. Inside, potted plants decorated the hallways. At the door of each room is a picture of the resident occupying that room. We were told of the many activities that were planned for the residents each week. We even heard about the menu and were almost hoping we could join them for the next meal!
The nursing home is used as an outreach from a nearby church. The Pastor announced at the end of their service that there were two openings for church members first, then to the general public. They told us that an area high ranking city official was so impressed with the facility and staff that he had arranged for his mother to live there!
It was very obvious that the residents enjoyed living there. Several were in the garden area and greeted us with warm smiles and hugs that we will long remember! God is at work in China.