We Didn’t Have Enough!


Like the journeys of others in the past, this trip to observe Bibles placed in the hands of Christians has the potential to expose thousands and thousands of souls to God’s Word, truth and love. Our fellow Christians traveling to China experience incredible things. They will meet men and women who have been praying for years for their arrival so that they can receive their first Bible. They will witness non-believers become believers through the evangelism of the equipped Chinese Christians. Lives will be saved! Praise God! We hope that you will continue to join us in prayer as we ask God to provide additional resources for Bibles.

“We didn’t have enough…”

The following is a story from one of our trips to a rural church in China:
“Heartbreaking and encouraging. That is how I would describe the experience I had at that one church. All day we had visited churches celebrating the receiving of Bibles by Chinese Christians. We saw hundreds and hundreds of Bibles make their way into the dirt encrusted hands of our Chinese brothers and sisters. We always had enough…always. But that one church was different. At that one church…we didn’t have enough. 

We walked into the doors of the tiny church sanctuary. There were already 200 people sitting on the tiny church benches waiting for us to arrive and bring with us the answer to their prayers, the Bible. As we gathered on the stage, we noticed that the room became crowded quickly. The cases of Bibles were stacked neatly in front of us much like the other churches and the Chinese Christians clamored in excitement as they stacked higher and higher. It was at that moment the excitement I had with them was shattered. Our translator leaned over to me and told me the bad news. He shared that the church leaders were planning for 200 Christians to arrive, 500 showed up…500.

We didn’t have enough Bibles. Unlike the other churches that day, not everyone was going to receive a Bible in that room. It brought tears to my eyes as I looked across the room at the excited smiling faces. The feeling was crushing. But God is God and He showed His hand in the actions of HIs loyal Chinese servants. As the Pastor announced that more people had showed up than planned and that not everyone would receive a Bible, the room became silent. Faces went from elated to burdened. Then the crippling silence was broken by one older woman. “We will give the new Christians our Bibles!” (through the translator) she said. The “mature” Christians, some waiting 40+ years, gave up their Bibles for the newest believers in the room. They wanted to provide for the young in spirit and serve through their sacrifice. 

We watched as the available Bibles were given out and eventually made our way to the van. As we left, all the Christians began singing hymns in joy and victory. I left in tears. Tears of joy, hope and desire. When I collected my composure in the van, I told those who had traveled with us that we must always pray that we have enough the next time we go. But even if we don’t, we know God will take care of His people…we saw it happen.”

Friend, your prayers are felt in China and you are always with us when we are over there. Thank you so much for being The Body and providing for our family around the world! God bless you and yours!