Bible Celebrations

I wonder sometimes if my “Western” heart may not need to be transplanted at the same time God ushers me into heaven so I can truly worship Him. When in rural mainland China on a Bibles for China team I was blown away by the celebration that the churches planned as we delivered their Bibles. In virtually every church our team was welcomed by people on both sides of the tiny street that led up to their church. Sometimes the people were in cultural dress and had musical instruments with an abundance of homemade drums and cymbals and tambourines. Sometimes it was folks who had just come in out of the fields for our arrival who were lining the street clapping and singing. This was such a joyous time for these believers that all stops were pulled out and they let the celebration begin the moment they saw us coming several blocks away. I was overwhelmed by their joy and sense the awesome respect they were demonstrating for God’s Word.


During my time in China I took photos of these events and I have done my dead level best to explain what was happening to the people in my family and in my church family but every photo and all my words fall far short of truly communicating what happened at these rural churches. I really want to go back to China on another Bible distribution team, so I can witness God’s Word being given to believers, many of whom have prayed for years for a Bible of their own. The thought of being part of their celebration simply makes my heart leap in my chest. Somehow the word that always pops into my brain when I think of my time with these believers during their celebration is WOW!