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3. Pray Daily for God’s provision for believers in China. Also pray:

  • that those who receive Bibles will share with other believers who do not have a Bible.
  • that God will provide protection in a country where Christianity is not wholeheartedly embraced by the government.
  • that the Christian revival in China will continue.

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We have seen some creative thinking from our donors to multiply their resources and place more Bibles in China.

For example:

  • Church members have made Bibles for China a class project.
  • Contributors have doubled their gift by applying for their employers’ matching gift program.
  • A family collects their change in a change jar, giving the money each time the jar fills up.
  • A Vacation Bible School designated the week’s offerings to send Bibles to China.
  • A supporter applied for and received a foundation grant to sponsor several hundred Bibles.
  • A young person asked to receive donations to Bibles for China for his birthday.

Consider the connections and opportunities you’ve been given!

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We are always seeking team members to join us on a trip to verify delivery of the Bibles. It is a trip that will change your life.

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