University Student Receives Her First Bible

During a recent Bible distribution we visited a church, located in a small rural village, on a Sunday morning. It was a very beautiful building, especially compared with the farmers’ houses in the neighborhood.

We had an excellent Sunday service which was made even more memorable since it was followed by a wedding. During a break after the service, while waiting for the bride and groom, lots of children and young people took advantage of the time to try to talk with us. Even though we didn’t know what they were saying, we knew that they were expressing their love for us. The body language of God’s love is the same all over the world.

Through our interpreter we were able to visit with a young lady and a friend she had brought with her to church that morning. After a short conversation we realized how God had orchestrated each of us to be there that day. The young lady serves as a member of the church choir and had often invited her friend, who is a student in a nearby university, to come to church with her but she had never accepted the invitation. The incentive of witnessing a Bible distribution and meeting foreigners plus attending a wedding inspired the girl to attend.

That day she received her very first Bible which included hymns. Our translator shared with us, “It’s such a blessing for us, we all want to be the one pleased by God and we all want to bear fruits, God will prepare the way and it will be done in HIS time. The girl will always remember today’s Bible distribution and wedding and maybe she will get ready to read the Bible she got today. Her friend will teach her to sing the hymns, perfect!”

A banner hung in the church to celebrate the wedding read “IT’S A GOD CHOSEN DAY.” Indeed it was a God chosen day for our Chinese translator, for the native Chinese, for the Americans who celebrated the joy of sharing God’s Word, for the Singaporean young lady who was with us, for old, for young, for the new couple, for the young lady, and for all the body of Christ.

Our team from Ohio came home impacted by the great need they experienced and felt that Bibles for China is making a difference. Continue to pray for us as we follow God’s leading in serving the Chinese Christians.