Questioned by the Local Authority

The ways of our Lord may seem unexplainable at times but God’s Plan is always at work even under trying times. Delayed and interrogated in China while participating with Bibles for China did not seem at the time to be a part of God’s Plan, but my interrogation team’s translator seemed to be placed at the right moment for her to hear about God’s Love and about the outreach to the Body of Christ.

 While being presented with a multitude of questions rather than being in attendance at the church service on a hot August Sunday morning was not my idea of a witness or sharing moment, but God turned the stress and discomfort of that long day into an evangelistic setting that could only be arranged by our Father. My translator, a young female with very good English, and I had a running conversation most of the day between her question and answer duties. She shared that her grandmother had a Bible, so was familiar with her daily Scripture reading and prayer life, but did not understand the reasons why.

  Her questions about the Bible, how we pray, do we ever see answers to prayer, and why would we be concerned about the Christians in rural China so far from our home, seemed to fall on fertile soil.  She asked many times that day, “I’ve never seen this much love and concern for others; where does this come from?” My prayer then and now continues to be to open up her heart to go to her grandmother and ask for more Scriptural nourishment.

 Bibles for China provided the necessary means for this chance encounter, and who knows, may have provided the Bible for the translator’s grandmother.  When we are faithful and true to God’s leading, every situation, whether good or bad, can lead someone to the Kingdom of God.

 Thanks to all who support and pray for this vital ministry.