Dedicated Chinese Leaders

Picture for Leaders in eBlast March
Since our first unbelievable trip to distribute Bibles to the rural believers in China our hearts are filled with a multitude of vivid and heartwarming experiences. Every trip in many ways is the same, however each trip has a unique flavor of its own.

One of the constant results of each trip is the unbelievable energy and dedication that the leaders we meet display as they serve with passion. We let them know that we are overwhelmed with their ability to always be so dynamic and enthused with the joy of providing for us as well as the believers they are blessed to serve. Considering the circumstances under which they work, it is difficult for us to fathom their joy and zeal.

They are always so gracious to us and we want to be available to be an encouragement to them along with providing Bibles to the new believers. These leaders have sensed the call of God to lead preaching points in the countryside and to reach and disciple those who are converting to Christ. It is most humbling for those of us who are privileged to represent those who pray, share funds and encouragement as partners.

When we show up in the various areas the leaders have always prepared the rural churches where we go to be ready for our arrival. The pastor of the church will have a welcome team that meets us at our van and we are introduced to the leaders and volunteers of the church. They often will park the van several yards from the church in order for there to be a band, choir, or line of members of the congregation dressed in a special outfits that will be clapping and waving as we walk slowly into the church. The local leaders go out of their way to give honor and appreciation to us as foreigners. Often when we return to the van and head to our next visit we discuss how the Lord uses those we get to be with in such unusual ways to carry out the heart of God by caring so graciously for our comfort.

God has placed us in a position to have special favor with the rural churches and their leaders. For us to be able to have those with a mission heart join us gives a special bond to leaders from outside of China and within China that reveals what the Kingdom of God looks like. What joy we all will someday experience together as we have opportunity to love and live eternally in a place where we all will rejoice and celebrate regardless of creed or color. Praise God for the assurance in Luke 13:29 that “People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God.” Praise God!!