We Didn’t Have Enough!

  Like the journeys of others in the past, this trip to observe Bibles placed in the hands of Christians has the potential to expose thousands and thousands of souls to God’s Word, truth and love. Our fellow Christians traveling to … Continued

The Love of God

My wife wrote me a letter to read on my mission trip to China. She said, “I pray you face each day EXPECTING to see awesome things and the hand of God moving in mighty ways. I pray your eyes … Continued

Witnessing God

It’s Sunday, October 27th, and my nerves are going crazy. I’m anxious, nervous, excited, worried, eager, stressed. To put it lightly, I’m a mess. A friend sees this, and approaches me, asking me to come with him to pray. The … Continued

Relying on God

A face full of tears and a dusty mountain road are the perfect recipe for a dirty face.  The ending of a week full of cool mountain air, beautiful scenery and small villages full of your brothers and sisters receiving … Continued